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Who we are

Welcome to Save5 Laundromat. We are here to serve you. We offer you fast and reliable service that will save you ELECTRICITY, WATER, MONEY, EFFORT and most specially TIME. Time for your kids and your loved ones and TIME to spend for yourself. Our desire to help in your daily lives is our #1 priority. We hope that we will be able to uplift your lives in the modern way of living. Thank you for putting your trust on SAVE5.

Our Advantage

Why Save5? Because we give our customers the great opputunity to save on 5 things

   Water - Our US-made washers uses water very efficiently, saving you from water wastage at home.

  Electricity -Home based washer and dryers uses tons of electricity, increasing your electric bills.

  Space - No more need for bulky washing machine and expensive dryers. 

  Money  -  At 65 pesos per load or 8 kilos, that is rougly 8 pesos per kilo compared to full-service laundromats that charges up to 50 pesos per kilo.

  Time - With four or more loads, you would typically finish that in 4 hours at home. But with our readily available washers and dryers, you can finish in just 1 hour.

Professional Dry Cleaning Service (at select branches)



Our dry cleaning service will take care of your delicate clothes made from special fabrics. We only use specially formulated solutions that will not only clean but preserve and protect your special garments.

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