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Why Invest in Save5?

Robust Laundry Solutions

Save5 Philippines offers you a laundry solution using multiple equipment brands to choose from. From our startup Stacked Washer and Dryers from Maytag USA, our industrial-grade Oasis Laundry Equipment from Malaysia or world-class leader Huebsch Laundry equipment from Alliance Laundry Systems (ALS) USA. ALS provides the world finest laundry products and services, and is renowned for their uncompromising levels of quality, reliability and performance.


As such, we are very committed to ensuring that quality services are rendered to our clients at all times. This includes setting up of a 24 hours SAVE5 Tech Support to respond promptly to complaints of the machine breakdown. We also possess our own warehouse to ensure equipment and spare parts are readily available and sufficiently stocked to avoid losses during downtime due to inevitable machine breakdown. Apart from the above, we do also cater for potential franchisees to enjoy express set up for their new business within 1 month!

Proven Performance and Reliability

SAVE5 Philippines is an Sec-registered Corporation on Self Service Laundry and Maintenance. We are an approved franchisor by the Philippine Franchise Association and Francorp Certified. We have successfully established 50 outlets across the Philippines within 2 years, with zero failure rates in addition to achieving on average, 30% return on investment per year. Many investors break even within just eighteen months.

Highly trained and customer-focused technical team

We understand the struggle and frustration of experiencing technical issues; hence, we have proposed a zero-downtime solution for all our customers and franchisees. Customers can reach out to our 24-hour helpline should they encounter any issues while using our laundry services. Save5 Philippines also possesses a group of highly trained and customer-focused technical team that aim to provide support and prompt repairs of malfunctioned washing machines within 24 working hours. 

System wide Marketing

With the change and evolution of modern technologies, we at Save5 Philippines utilize social media and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase our visibility online and engage our potential customers. Alongside with digital marketing, other marketing campaigns that we employ include brand collaborations, distribution of laundry bags and billboard advertising on highways. On top of that, Laundry Bar also actively participates in trade exhibitions, both locally and internationally to increase brand awareness and attract potential investors.

It is Save5 Philippines’s tradition to provide laundry services at 50% discount for every new outlet opening. The objective is to provide the new outlet with a good head start, by providing an incentive to new customers to patronize the new outlet to help boost the new franchisee’s earnings. By doing this, we also wish to reduce the burden of those who require financial assistance through this kind gesture.

Why hesitate? Join us as a Save5 Philippines franchise to be part of an establishment that works on setting a high standard for the laundromat industry in the Philippines!

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